Obama Immediately Calls Attack In Turkey ‘TERRORISM’ – Still Unsure About Attacks On Americans

I wonder if the Oval Office has a huge wheel of fortune that they spin in order to figure out what to call a bombing or shooting or attempted terrorist attack on American soil, because they have all sorts of terms for it.

But when it’s Turks being bombed, the White House knows immediately it’s a terrorist attack, and calls it that:

Meanwhile back in the United States, it took YEARS to change the designation of the attack by Muslim Major Nidal on Fort Hood from “workplace violence” to a terrorist attack so that the survivors could get the medical and other benefits they deserved.

And remember how long it took for him to call the Benghazi attacks terrorism?

Isn’t it funny how Obama can immediately sort out political issues when they’re in his interest and make a statement, like the Muslim clock kid, but when it’s not in his interest the White House suddenly “can’t make a statement until the investigation is done.”

Then again, we should probably cut him some slack as he’s hard at work doing the only thing he loves:

Oh wait..

Rock on, fundraiser-in-chief!!

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