Why The GOP Candidates Should Encourage Trump’s Boycott Of CNBC’s Debate!

El Trumpo issued a threat earlier today against CNBC, and he went on Greta Van Susteren to explain exactly why he thinks that they’re being unreasonable about their demands, and he and Ben Carson just might boycott the debate.

Watch below:

It would be really interesting to see if CNBC sticks to their guns, but I don’t think they will. If they do, then the other candidates will have a HUGE opportunity to present themselves to the American public without El Trumpo sucking all the attention out of the room. But they won’t do it – they have too much to lose from ad revenue.

The Donald also chimed in on his demand that he be given Secret Service protection, and on the growing attacks in Israel, saying that they need to do what they need to do to defend themselves against Palestinian terrorists.

LOL Journalism!! Guess Which CNN Debate ‘Moderator’ Was A MEMBER Of The CLINTON Global Initiative?