‘Obama Bin Laden And My Father Are THE SAME’ – VIDEO Of Kids Being Trained To Be Suicide Bombers

In a newly released trailed from Vice News that shows footage from inside Al-Nusra and Al-Qaeda in Syria, kids are shown happily denouncing America, praising Osama Bin Laden, and being trained to be suicide bombers.

Watch below:

This is the kind of madness that we face in the Middle East, and it really is a difficult decision we face – do we put Americans in harm’s way and send them in to destroy those sworn to kill us, or do we take the easy route and ignore the threat, hoping they won’t infiltrate our shores?

I really believe that if there is any military intervention to be used against this threat, they have to be allowed to use the rules of engagement that won’t hinder them and that will crush the enemy as quickly as possible. And then we leave and let the Muslims figure out how to rebuild their own countries.

Sorry CNN!! Nearly 60% Of Voters Don’t EVEN KNOW There’s A Debate On Tonight!!