YUGE POLL Has Ben Carson SURGING Past Donald Trump In Iowa!!!

Obviously JEB! Bush and Megyn Kelly are teaming up and bussing illegal aliens and total losers into Iowa to vote in their polls because there’s no way that Ben Carson should be head of el Trumpo!!!

Watch below:

That’s what a new poll of total losers by the haters at Quinnipiac says:

Ben Carson has overtaken Donald Trump in Iowa, 28 – 20 percent among likely Iowa Republican Caucus participants, according to a new Quinnipiac poll released Thursday morning.

This is the first time Trump has not been in the lead in the GOP field in Iowa since he entered the race. Carson has tied him twice before but has never led, CBS Senior Political Editor Steve Chaggaris noted.

In its last survey, Sept.11, the Quinnipiac poll found Trump leading the Republican field with 27 percent to Carson’s 21 percent.

Marco Rubio is in third, with 13 percent, followed by Ted Cruz, who attracted 10 percent support. Rand Paul has six percent and Jeb Bush is tied with Carly Fiorina – both have five percent.

Carson’s strength in this poll lies in his appeal to women, who chose Carson over Trump, 33 – 13 percent. Among men, the two are virtually tied, with 25 percent for Carson, compared to 24 percent for Trump.

Thirty percent of likely GOP caucus goers say there is no way they’d support Trump, followed by Bush, with 21 percent who said there’s no way they’d support him.

Still, Trump is thought to have strong leadership qualities, with 80 percent, compared to Carson’s 76 percent.

This is why Trump’s intern *ahem* tweeted this out earlier that el Trump later deleted:

deleted trump tweet

Losers. All of them. Monsanto-brains, I tell you.

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