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Canada’s New Prime Minister Means 25,000 Syrian ‘Refugees’ North Of Our Border In The Next TWO MONTHS!

justin trudeau

Well, this is what happens when we don’t pay attention to Canuckistan, or as the Simpsons call it, “America’s hat.” Apparently they voted out what liberals considered a hard right-wing Prime Minister and voted in a left-winger with socialist dreams.

But here’s a consequence of Justin Trudeau that will have an immediate effect on America’s security – he’s promised to resettle 25,000 Syrian “refugees” in Canada.

And he’s gonna do it in the next TWO MONTHS.

From the Globe and Mail:

Standing inside one of the country’s foremost symbols of its openness to the world – the so-called “Gateway to Canada” – Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said Sunday he’d consider airlifting Syrian refugees in order to fulfill his pledge to welcome 25,000 asylum seekers by Jan. 1.

…Trudeau defended his promise to welcome 25,000 refugees from Syria by year’s end – more than the Conservatives or the NDP have promised to do – by saying all that’s standing in the way is political will.

He said the Conservatives’ announcement Saturday that they would cancel the requirement refugees first be designated as such by the United Nations before applying for asylum in Canada as “a sudden and convenient change of heart during an election campaign.”

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander said that while security screening will remain the government’s priority, his government will issue thousands more visas by the end of the year to people fleeing the sectarian conflict and civil war in Syria.

Trudeau dismissed suggestions his plan would compromise Canadians’ security as many of those seeking refuge in Europe and North America are coming from a territory controlled or affected by the violence of the self-proclaimed Islamic State, whose leaders openly call for terrorist attacks on Canadian soil.

“No one is suggesting we should put aside security in order to (bring in refugees),” he told the crowd.

People fleeing Syria can be properly assessed by employing more case workers, increasing screening capacity and “looking at the possibility of airlifts,” Trudeau said.

Yeah, I dunno. It’s hard to put a lot of faith in a guy who’s most popular message was in legalizing pot. What the heck are you people doing up there, America’s hat?!?

Forget ISIS, We’re Going After ‘Anti-Government’ Americans! – Obama’s Dept. of Justice
  • MrNishida

    I’ve been saying for decades that we need a fence not just along the southern border, but along the northern border as well.
    I knew this was coming.
    God, I hate being right again.
    Sometimes I feel like I am the last sane person left on the planet. I know that is not the case, but right now the lunatics are running the asylum. ‘Progressives’ are the enemies of civilization and humanity. And they will not be satisfied until civilization and humanity are destroyed. And maybe not even then.
    My only satisfaction is knowing for a fact that if they get their wish, they will be the first ones to die.

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  • I live in a border state, New Mexico, and have seen the damage done by unchecked illegal immigration. You northerners better lock and load, you are about to see more illegal immigration than ever before and these people are much more dangerous. Most illegals from the south have no desire to blow shit up to please Allah, can we say the same about the invaders from Syria?

  • MrNishida

    Right on the money.
    The Canadian government will bring them into Canada legally, and they will use that as a stepping stone to just waltz across the unprotected northern border into the U.S.
    How unprotected is the northern border? There are many places where a person can stand on the middle of a road with one foot in the U.S. and the other in Canada. No border patrol, no fence, no checkpoints. Just a white line down the middle of the road. You can find tons of pictures on the net of people straddling the border line. They think it’s funny.
    What it is, is a terrorist’s wet dream.
    And the Canadian government will make that wet dream a reality.
    This will get very ugly, very fast.

  • Tricky Dick

    He should say Christians only since they are the ones being persecuted, tortured and executed. if not, then he’s a WPOS.

  • RageHard84

    I wonder what is going to happen to Canada’s liberal policies on homosexuality.

  • azgirl

    The screening process will be as thorough as possible, considering there is no database that can be referred to.

    Screener: “Are you or have you ever been a member of a terror organization?”

    New Canadian: “No.”

    Screener: “Okay, welcome to Canada.”

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  • AmericanMom

    2,000 coming to Idaho soon, 25,000 to Canada – If they are distributing the entire country of Syria (and its terrorists) evenly across the globe, why not eliminate the country of Syria altogether from the face of the earth and divvy up that nation’s assets the same way? It appears countries that divest themselves of their indigent, terrorist, thug and entitlement craving populations pay nothing and their elites still prosper while the world absorbs the people they either want to get rid of or the people who endanger the rest of the world by virtue of disease and criminality and disrespect for the cultures to which they refuse to adapt.

  • JettieG

    Yes, us Canucks are totally feked; sorry to give our Southern neighbours another headache.

  • JettieG

    Basically, that will be the new scenario.

  • Oliver Felts

    Damn liberals are soft in the head. I’m sure he thinks highly of himself.

  • jackb

    Obama – north version…………………lovely.

  • jackb

    Like we need one…………….lol.

  • E8ret


  • Eve where there are checkpoints Canadian officials don’t care who leaves their country and given the attitude of this administration nobody cares who comes to ours.

  • Kelly Zat

    Maybe Trudeau will put the Syrians all in the Northwest Terrorties or Nunavut as some great settlement drive. As that’s not happening we’re going to need another wall.

    Pot and legalization of prostitution. What the hell are they ON up there in Canada? Although this makes it convenient for those temporary marriages the muslims favor. Apparently the only bastions of sanity left in the great white north are southern Quebec and Alberta.

  • espgreg

    In your country you have legal pot in Colorado and legal prostitution in Nevada counties.

  • espgreg

    You mean, because we just elected a Liberal government??

  • Kelly Zat

    Which the rest of the country, media hubs on the east and west coasts excepted, views rather dimly and as something not to be proud of. Legal pot has created any number of problems we’re just beginning to have to deal with. Colorado is being sued by neighboring states due to issues with CO and their own residents driving high, crossing state lines while carrying, etc.

  • RageHard84

    The refugees probably oppose homosexuality.

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  • Stan

    Another way for potential enemies to get into America.

  • pathfinder

    I’m not so sure that their’s might not be worse than ours; although admittedly it’s a pretty fine distinction.
    Scott Walker was right?

  • pathfinder

    A look at revoking the Treaty of Ghent AND the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?
    (given the governments in both places we might actually get some inside takers on this; of course, it would all depend on who we get into office ourselves…)

  • L-Dan

    Prime Minister Purple Haze was hanging around Montreal mosques for votes even though they were known as terrorist recruiting stations by the RCMP. As usual, SCUM BAG politicians will sell Canada and the USA, our country, our culture, our heritage, and anything else we got for votes and publicity. In the end they’ll convert North American into the same murderous shyte-hole as the middle east.

  • L-Dan

    A DNA test might reveal the new Canadian Prime Minister may be an offspring of a Rolling Stone band member. His mother partied hard with the band back in the old days, and may explain Trudeau’s need to legalize weed. God help us all by the way. The stupids in Canada actually elected this moron.

  • L-Dan

    Trudeau likes the sound Muslim nuts make slapping up against his chin.

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