Loretta Sanchez Says Saturday Night Live Is ‘Endangering Latinos’ By Inviting Trump On!!

Democratic idiot Loretta Sanchez says that the Congressional Hispanic Caucus is opposed to Saturday Night Live inviting Donald Trump as a guest because he “endangers Latinos.”

Watch below (her Latino endangerment comment comes at the very end):

Unfortunately Loretta Sanchez has destroyed her credibility by advocating for all sorts of stupid crap in the past, but she tries to prove that having the Donald on television is detrimental to the health of Latinos because of a terrible incident where two idiots attacked a Mexican homeless man and urinated on him and said that they were inspired by Trump.

Here’s the story from August:

The two men, identified by police as Scott Leader, 38, and his brother, Steve Leader, 30, are being held in jail without bond. Authorities say they were on their way home from a Red Sox game when they came upon the victim sleeping near a train station, according to a police report.

Witnesses told police that the two men beat the victim with a metal pole repeatedly and walked away laughing, according to a press release from the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office.

The elder Leader brother, Scott, later told police they attacked him because he was “homeless,” “Hispanic,” and an “illegal immigrant.”

The victim told police that he awoke to the men urinating on him. He was brought to Boston Medical Center to be treated for a broken nose and serious bruising across his ribs, among other injuries, the press release said.

The victim is not undocumented, according to a Social Security number for the man listed in the police report but blacked out for privacy reasons. Social Security numbers are issued to U.S. citizens and authorized workers, according to the Social Security Administration website.

It later turned out the two guys were themselves living with their mom in a residence being paid for by the government.

In any case, it’s rather stupid to think that merely putting the Donald on television will be the cause of attacks on Latinos. But stupidity has never stopped Lorette Sanchez from speaking out.

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