U.S. Intel Says Russian Plane Likely Brought Down By Bomb Planted By ISIS!

According to CNN, U.S. intelligence is now saying that it was most likely a bomb planted by ISIS or an ISIS affiliate that brought down the Russian plane in the Sinai Peninsula.

Watch below:

There were earlier theories that it might have been brought down from a missile on the ground. More: https://twitter.com/JMKTV/status/661997931466215424 https://twitter.com/dmataconis/status/661997883286290432 https://twitter.com/KarenCNN/status/661997717229600768

When the news first broke of the plane, both Egyptian and Russian authorities seemed to rush to deny that ISIS had anything to do with it, but it looks like there’s more and more evidence that it might be just that.

The CNN analyst offered that if it was indeed confirmed to be ISIS, then it would be the “largest terror attack since 9/11.”

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