UPDATE: ABC News Screwed UP – San Bernardino Terror Bride Did NOT USE FAKE Address On VISA Application


Apparently ABC News got this one wrong. They issued this correction:

Correction (Dec. 5): An earlier version of this report said Tashfeen provided a nonexistent address to U.S. officials when she applied for a fiance visa. Local residents say the version of the address provided is not precise, but the family does own a house in the neighborhood. This report was also updated Friday evening with new information from the Farook family attorney about how Malik and Farook met.

Great job, guys.

Here’s how my post was originally published:

Well, it just gets worse and worse for us and national security. Apparently the disgusting filthy terrorist pig Tashfeen Malik had used a fake address on her VISA application, but our government is so damn useless that they let her in anyway.

From ABC News: 

Malik came to the U.S. on what is known as a “fiancé” visa, which allows an American fiancé to petition for his or her partner’s temporary entry before marriage. For the visa application, the address she listed in her Pakistani hometown, ABC News discovered today, does not exist. Malik received a her Green Card this summer, U.S. officials said.

And this idiot Obama wants to bring in 100,000 Syrian refugees? He can’t even identify a terror ISIS sleeper cell among the immigrants we bring in NOW!


Malik, who was born in Pakistan, moved to Saudi Arabia 25 years ago when she was about four years old. When she was older, she likely moved back and forth between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, according to a source close to the Saudi Arabian government.

In 2007, she returned to Pakistan to study at Bahuddin Zakri University in Multan and stayed until 2012, according to a Pakistani intelligence official. She was said to be a brilliant student and was not known to have religious or political affiliation while there.

Malik encountered Syed Rizwan Farook, an American of Pakistani origin born in Chicago, on a dating website, an attorney for Farook’s family told reporters today. U.S. officials said Farook could have met Malik or her family in Saudi Arabia during a trip there in the fall of 2013. After another trip in July 2014, Farook returned to the U.S. with Malik in tow. The couple was married the next month.

Since the FBI has now designated this as a terror attack, it becomes the worst terror attack since 9/11.

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