Trump Says Gun Nuts Should Be Investigated, Fight ISIS By Calling Them ‘Guy With Dirty Hat’

El Trumpo seemed to say that people who have a lot of ammunition and guns should be “looked at” by the government, but he then pivoted to blaming political correctness and defending the 2nd Amendment.

Watch below:

I think some of his followers with large reserves of ammunition and a cache of weapons might take exception to his comments. He also reiterated his comments degrading ISIS by not calling them “masterminds” but calling them “the guy with the dirty filthy hat”:

Which is interesting, since Obama has been widely mocked for calling ISIS the “JV Team” of terrorists, in the same mode of rhetorically degrading them.

This one is great – the Donald just totally avoids the question put to him, and just answers what he wants:

Pretty smooth transition and pivot!! And one last one – here he says that some Muslims HAVE to be tracked:

I doubt that’s a controversial statement after the San Bernardino attack. He’s not saying ALL Muslims need to be tracked, just some of them.

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