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You Are Lying If You Say Justice Scalia’s Comments Are RACIST…

The media has seized upon comments made by Justice Scalia like a hungry bulldog on a femur smothered with barbecue sauce because they know that it’ll make conservatives look racist. But they’re completely lying about what he said and the context in which he made his comments. Damn weasels.

Here are the comments, and a deceptive headline:

Notice the headline, “Scalia implies African American students do better at “slower-track” schools.”

So here’s the thing.

If Scalia was saying ALL blacks do better at slower schools, then yes, he would be a racist. But he didn’t say that. He was saying this in the context of debating about Affirmative Action. Now in these cases you have minorities who don’t MERIT getting into more competitive schools being ushered in based on a racialist narratives. And many don’t do well, exactly because they don’t merit it. Does that mean ALL don’t do well? No. It’s clear when put in this context that he’s not a racist, but merely pointing out the counter-narrative to those who advocate for affirmative action.

And this is the view that many conservatives, like myself,* hold. Are we all racists? Well, according to the left we are. And that’s why they’re smearing Scalia.

But there’s ANOTHER reason that this attack on Scalia is just plain bull-obama. As he begins his comments, he says, “there are those who contend that,” to signify that he’s pulling up an argument filed in an amicus brief (a document filed by outside experts to be considered in the deliberation). This isn’t even necessarily a position that he holds, but it’s a position he thinks is worth debating and discussing. By simply labeling him a “racist” when deliberating objections in a case before the court is to say that judges should ONLY consider arguments that are tasteful to the left.

Well screw that. 

Scalia didn’t say anything racist, and anyone who says so is knowingly lying in order to push their agenda.

*Full disclosure: I have been a person of color since I can remember, and identify as a person of color since I reached the age of reason.
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