2nd Amendment

2nd Amendment Activists Hold Mock Mass Shooting To Show ‘Gun Free Zone’ Dangers, Gun Grabbers Stage ‘Fart Protest’

A gun rights group held a mock mass shooting at the University of Texas in order to highlight how long it takes for police to respond to a mass shooting at a “no gun zone.” A lot of liberals were upset that they did it, saying it was insensitive.

Here’s how it went down:

In their video they indicate that they were trying to stay away from all the media and the police:

Elsewhere, the idiot liberals actually waved dildos as a counter-protest, because they’re above everything else a classy bunch:

This guy is trying to insinuate that the “fart/dildo” protest was successful, but doesn’t note that they were no where near where the mock shooting was:

Filthy wretched idiots.

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