Hillary And O’Malley Campaign HACKS Got Into A SLAPFIGHT On Twitter Over Healthcare For Illegals!

This largely went unnoticed because it happened right before the GOP debate, but a Hillary HACK got into a silly little slapfight with an O’Malley O’Moron over who was more left-wing about immigration and who has more “guts.”

It’s kinda entertaining.

Here’s how it went down.

First, Lis Smith tweeted this for the Martin O’Moron campaign:

Here’s the tweet she linked to: https://twitter.com/GabiDomenzain/status/676808101715136513 IN other words, he wants Obamacare for illegal aliens. Because that won’t encourage more to stream over the borders, right? Karen Murphy, a Hillary harridan, was not happy!! OMG Liz are you serious!!?

Yeah!! Why don’t you have the guts to post on your social media?!? That’s what true leadership is!!

Lis then retweeted this:

Whoooahhhh dang!! Hillary said words!! She’s such a racist!!

And responded thusly about the guts controversy:

Karen can’t even right now.

I wonder if the guys at Benghazi held their breath waiting for Hillary to get off her fat Obama and send help. Probably not.

OK, that was pretty good actually. This little kitten has claws! Mrreeeoww!! Hiss!!!

In fact it was so good, that it pretty much shut up Karen. All she could muster in response was to retweet this whiny, petulant mewling:

It’s so “unseemly”!!!

He’s clutching his pearls and trying very hard to unbunch his panties as we speak.

What both of these idiots forget is that the “guts” tweet was in response to KAREN ACCUSING O’MALLEY OF NOT HAVING GUTS.


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How idiotic is this?!?! She calls the O’Malley campaign “unseemly” and “hideous” because they repeated an attack that she made first back at her!! LOL!!!


Not only does this display the incredibly myopic and solipsistic whininess of liberals, but it portends what we’re probably gonna see from the Hillary campaign after Democrats coronate her as the queen of the idiots on the left.

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