Pathetic: Martin O’Malley Had Only ONE Supporter Show Up At Last Rally!! LOL!

There must be some kind of limerick that someone could write with this story rhyming “O’Malley” and “Rally.”

Anyway the beleaguered presidential candidate admitted that he held a rally where only one supporter showed up.

Watch below:

The implication is that only one guy was able to trudge through the snow and bad weather, but really, even if there were bright sunshine and free Uber rides to a Martin O’Malley rally, I doubt they’d get to double digits.

According to Politico, it was this dude, whose name is Kenneth:

And as O’Malley admits, Kenneth didn’t even commit to his campaign. Damn.

Now send me your best O’Malley rally limericks in the comments sections, minions.

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