Suicide Bomber Who Killed 10 Germans In Turkey Arrived Last Week As A Syrian Refugee!

Yet another blatant case of people being slaughtered by a terrorist posing as a Syrian refugee.

From the Wall Street Journal:

The Islamic State suicide bomber who killed 10 German tourists in the heart of Istanbul entered the country as a Syrian refugee without setting off security alerts, Turkish officials said Wednesday, highlighting concerns that extremists are using the migrant crisis to slip into vulnerable nations to carry out terrorist attacks.

Turkish officials identified the bomber as Nabil Fadli, a Syrian national born in Saudi Arabia in 1988, who was fingerprinted in Turkey last week while registering as a refugee with immigration officials.

Investigators matched Mr. Fadli’s fingerprints to those found at the blast site on Tuesday where 10 German tourists were killed and at least 11 other people were wounded. The German tour group had gathered in a square near Istanbul’s picturesque Blue Mosque for a day of sightseeing when the suicide bomber approached them and detonated his explosives.

Nine other Germans were injured by the blast, but German and Turkish officials said they didn’t believe the bomber targeted them because of their nationality.

“There are no indications that the attack specifically targeted Germans,” German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said during a joint news conference with his Turkish counterpart in Istanbul. “I see no reason to avoid trips to Turkey.”

Yeah I dunno, if ten Americans were killed by a suicide bomber, I’d be a little uneasy about going to the same place to vacation. And it doesn’t matter anyway – Germans are being raped by Muslim immigrants in their hometowns, and then murdered by Muslim immigrants on vacation…

Here’s a report on the attack:

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