Here’s What ‘New York Values’ Are, Straight From Donald Trump’s Own Tweets!

This whole debate over “New York values” is completely annoying to me as a conservative who was told by New York’s twice elected Governor to get the hell of his state, along with every other conservative.

But I digress. If you want to know what “New York values” really means, all you need to do is check out the Donald’s own tweets about the place!!

Anthony Weiner is New York values:


Record unemployment is New York values:

And by the way, most upstate New Yorkers would agree with Cruz’s criticism of New York City values…

NY values is… a carjacking epidemic you can’t defend yourself from because Mike Bloomberg took your gun away:

Speaking of which, gun grabbing, soda banning, salt hoarding Mike Bloomberg is New York Values:

He’s so New York Values he took his millions and tried to impose gun grabbing laws in Colorado and FAILED.

Don’t forget Ebola BEDLAM!!


People are leaving the “mess” that New York values made in record numbers!!

Why are they leaving? New York values welfare and pays better than jobs!!

And Never Forget… the New York Giants aren’t even IN New York!! They were evicted to Joisey!!

Yeah.. I live in New York, and talking to people, I know EXACTLY what Ted Cruz is talking about when he criticizes “New York values.” I wrote more about that here.

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