Trump Says Glenn Beck Lost All Credibility When Fox Fired Him, Apparently Forgot Fox Fired Sarah Palin

Trump showed how irrelevant Glenn Beck is by tweeting about him over and over again, and displayed how no one listened to him by responding to every single one of his attacks, in a show of definitely not-thinned-skin strength.

This is the latest:

I have to admit that Glenn Beck does use the epithet “progressive” as a shortcut towards actually thinking critically about anything, since he’s used it against Newt Gingrich, John McCain and now Donald Trump. BUT, it’s somewhat hypocritical for Trump to use these words against Beck, as he bids his sycophants to ignore every single thing he’s ever said before 6 months ago when he decided he was definitely a right-wing Republican.

If you want proof, check this out.

And, as one commenter at the Right Scoop pointed out, it’s funny that he says Glenn Beck lost all credibility when he was fired at Fox News, given that his yuge endorsement came from Sarah Palin – who was also fired from Fox News. Boom?

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