Donald Trump Jr. Visits White Supremacist Radio Show That LOVES KKK Leader David Duke!!

Talk about mixed signals – after a week of trying to denounce the KKK and failing, Trump’s kid visited “the political cesspool,” a white supremacist radio show that has hosted former KKK leader David Duke and sung his praises.

Watch below:

Here’s their comments from their website about former KKK leader David Duke running for president:

I’ve known David for many years, which is something that his detractors can’t say for themselves.

He’s been a guest on my radio program and in my home.

Contrary to the false image of a drooling “racist” that the MSM would like to paint, David is a very thoughtful, intelligent, and gracious individual.

Based solely on my numerous personal dealings with him, I can honestly tell you that there is not a single negative thing that I can say about the man.

I count him as a friend and hope he decides to run.

Apropos of nothing, there’s also a white supremacist rally down the street from CPAC today where they will praise the Donald for helping their [bowel] movement gain more prominence!! Yeee Haw!!!

You get down in the political cesspool, you’re gonna get up with… all sorts of stuff.

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