VOTE In The ONLY 100% Scientific Online Poll For The #GOPDebate!!

Here’s your absolutely 100% scientific online poll for tonight’s Fox News GOP debates.


We will be reporting our results nationally on our YUGE Twitter account.


Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 11.20.22 PM

First results are in – I honestly thought tacos would do better than Trump. C’mon gringos, you build the wall who’s gonna make your tacos?!


I would say these are the final results. Very surprising.

Trump can’t even beat tacos in an online poll – how can he beat ISIS? I think this is very bad news for his campaign going ahead. He should probably just drop out now and save himself the embarrassment.

If you want to try another, much less scientific, online poll, go check out the Riiiight Scooooop!!

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