Add Tucker Carlson To The List Of Fox News Hosts Who Shamelessly LIE About #WifeGate

Tucker Carlson manages to invent ANOTHER lie about Ted Cruz in this short segment with Mike Huckabee who piles on.

See if you can catch the lie, and pin the tail on the liar!!

Watch below:


Here’s the offending sentence:

“Each one is saying, ‘your wife is unattractive, mine’s better looking.’

That’s impressive!! Everyone else is just lying and saying that Ted Cruz started the fiasco with “his SuperPAC,” which is a complete lie. But Tucker isn’t a lazy liar like the rest, he is a very productive liar who goes the extra mile!!!

The fact of the matter is that Cruz NEVER insulted Melania and never called her unattractive, and never claimed his wife was better looking. In fact, when Trump posted that insulting pic of his wife, Cruz actually PRAISED Melania!

What a brazen and stupid lie Tucker is pitching here, to which that other moron Mike Huckabee knocks out of the park in a grand slam of lying deception. Huckabee goes on to pretend that both Cruz and Trump are equally at fault, a fallacy which people generally call “false equivalency.”

Fox News is getting as pathetic as Breitbart.com.

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