Amanda Carpenter SLAPS DOWN Team Trump’s DESPICABLY STUPID Smears On Twitter

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Team Trump is determined to “Make America Crawl Through The Sewer” by pushing the completely unsubstantiated claims through the National Enquirer on their Twitter accounts.

Here’s Trump’s scumbag media director Dan Scavino reposting an idiotic video absurdly attempting to provide evidence of an affair:

Here’s the video:

But true to her word, former Cruz staffer Amanda Carpenter is NOT backing down, and she’s striking back with a lot of class and intelligence:

Here’s what she posted today:

This is really true – just think of the list of women he’s attacked since the campaign started. It’s insane.


She retweeted this:

I mean c’mon people – when BUZZFEED thinks you’re scummy…

This is 100% absolutely true and any “journalist” who doesn’t talk about it when citing the story is an absolute moron – so basically, all of them.

It’s like they’re in a scumbag competition, and they’re world champions competing at the highest level of scumbaggery.

And look at how scumbag Dan responds – with a tactic he learned from the Donald. He exaggerates and lies about what Amanda said in order to sound like the victim:

He’s wallowing in the sewer and enjoying it. Not once did Amanda tell anyone to report him, or suggest he should be banned from Twitter, she just wanted a screenshot in case he had a shred of decency in him and deleted it. But of course he doesn’t.

Feel free to bombard Scavino with the appropriate opprobrium due to scumbags like Dan Scavino.

Trump team is just following their supporters’ lead, who sent death threats to Amanda, and other scummy filthy insults. 

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