WATCH Supercut Of ‘Objective’ Sean Hannity’s FAWNING Softball Questions To Trump!!

I can’t say enough how much of a national treasure the Free Beacon is. I was thinking of putting this together myself, but I’m a busy Mexican. Anyway, the great Free Beacon put together an awesome video of all the fawning softball questions that Sean Hannity poses to Trump when he visits his favorite cabana boy Fox anchor!

It’s amazing:

I mean seriously, these are some of the questions Hannity puts to Trump:

“I’m sure you wish you were wrong, Mr. Trump, but you were right. What did you see that maybe others didn’t see?”

“I say you’re willing to fight and the establishment in Washington isn’t willing to fight. Is that an accurate description?”

“The polls go up, they don’t go down. How do you explain that?”

Cheap prostitutes in D.C. demean themselves less than Hannity does when the Donald visits. Isn’t this just utterly embarrassing?

For him anyway, for us it’s just funny…

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