Roger Stone, Eric Bolling Push Another Idiotic Conspiracy Theory About The GOP Establishment

I swear this idiot is taking swimming lessons so that he can hit rock bottom – before he was pushing some moronic conspiracy theory that even Donald Trump shot down.

Well now Bolling is pushing another conspiracy theory based on his inability to understand how radio ads work.

eric bolling conspiracy

As some of you know, the Conservative Treehouse is a cesspool of pro-Trump idiocy, and they often publish the most spurious and poorly sourced crap they can find as long as it helps Trump. But often they lie just in general, to get their stupid readership riled up, like when they lied about CNN photoshopping a picture with no evidence, or when they claimed that Darren Wilson suffered an orbital fracture at the hands of Mike Brown:

Yeah that turned out to be completely fabricated too.

In any case, the idiot over there goes through a long article to come to the revelation that Erick Erickson and others who are against Trump receive ad money from a group with tenuous connections to the GOP establishment.

Uhhhh here’s a news-flash for Eric Bolling – having someone pay for ads doesn’t mean they own you. Moron.

This is how Erick Erickson responded:

erick erickson conspiracy

Do you THINK it might be smart strategy to pay for ads in all the largest conservative radio talk shows if you want to reach out to conservatives? LOL that’s quite the conspiracy. It’s also called “how ads work.”

By that same strained Trump-logic, Eric Bolling is owned by the “big catheter” industry because they advertise on Fox News.

Only idiots would fall for this. Oh and also scumbags who are lying about it:

roger stone conspiracy theory

Yeah, Trump’s lackey and favorite scummy friend Roger Stone takes up the abjectly stupid argument from Conservative Treehouse and feeds it to the ignorant illiterate cretins who love swallowing such idiocy.

So I would expect that el Trumpo will be pitching this crap-fest conspiracy pretty soon too…

UPDATE: Leon Wolf at Red State points out Bolling accepts Trump ad money, so he’s more than just an idiot, he’s a hypocrite. 

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