‘Gestapo Tactics’! Trump Scumbags Post HOME ADDRESSES Of Colorado GOP Officials

Douche and/or scumbag supporters of Donald Trump are posting the names, home addresses, and phone numbers of officials of the Colorado Republican party so that they can be harassed by dim-witted illiterates who can only drool “Trump Akbar!!”

Because they’re all class:






Don’t think this is just a few idiots either – this tweet has 600 retweets meaning it could reach thousands upon thousands.

I knew that when Trump hired a new guy onto his crew of world-class degenerates and he accused Cruz of “Gestapo Tactics” that it would only be a matter of time before they got even more scummier on the Trump side. It didn’t take long.


From my vantage point, the cockroaches are those pathetic Trump-roaches who will bully and intimidate people when their thin-skinned emperor loses to a superior candidate.   COLORADO-2

[screenshots via RedState]

No one was denied their “constitutional rights.” Parties aren’t even mentioned in the Constitution, and they’re organized purely in a private matter at the state level.

But that won’t stop the gutter-dwelling rats from issuing forth like a sewer to attack irrationally. It really makes me sick.


They’re all over the place. Here’s two I found:

Do a quick search and you can find them yourself. Utterly despicable maggots.

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