Even Pro-Trump Jeffrey Lord Says Bolling And Stone’s Establishment Conspiracy Theory Is CRAP!

Jeffrey Lord is a huge Trump supporter and he’s one of the more reasonable ones who appears on cable news shows regularly to defend the campaign. But even he had to slap down the completely idiotic conspiracy theory being pushed by fake conservatives Ann Coulter, Eric Bolling, and scumbag provocateur Roger Stone.

We explained the conspiracy theory at this post yesterday.

Here’s Jeffrey Lord’s response:

In addition to being a Trump supporter, I am also a friend of Mark Levin, having known him since we both worked for Ronald Reagan. Precisely because of this I know with certitude that my friend Mark has been an outspoken conservative since he was, yes indeed, a teenager. He is the real deal. Those best-selling books are best sellers not because of the Senate Conservatives Fund but because Mark is a serious thinker who works long and hard at writing these books. As someone who knows him and has read and reviewed his books, I know exactly why they have so much appeal to conservatives all over America. Take a look at this Levin book signing from seven years ago in Tysons Corner, Virginia. See that long… long, long, long… line of Americans waiting to see Mark and get a signed copy of Liberty and Tyranny? You can’t manufacture something like that. With all due respect to the Senate Conservatives Fund, they couldn’t if their political life depended on it produce that many people to show up anywhere for a book signing. The charge that Mark’s book sales are some sort of phony deal is BS from start to finish.

I have to hand it to Jeffrey Lord for being honest instead of a scumbag pushing moronic conspiracy theories – like Roger Stone does.

He also shoots down another favorite conspiracy theory of the Trump hordes on social media:

And while we’re at it, let me say something about his fiancée’s son’s work for Senator Cruz. I know him, and am perfectly aware that he works for Senator Cruz. He too is an honorable and hardworking conservative. Who, I might add, has his own right to work anywhere he damn well pleases and which is no reflection on anything Mark says, does, or writes. As above, I am also well aware that Mark’s conservatism long predates both his fiancée’s son, not to mention Senator Cruz himself. The notion that Mark would support Ted Cruz (whom he supported for the Senate) because of some family tie is absurd on its face.

For those of us who admire Levin, we know that accusation is patently stupid and would only be swallowed by someone who wants to push a political narrative.

He concludes by addressing the originator of the conspiracy theory, the simple dunce “SunDance” over at the website cesspool called “the Conservative Treehouse”:

What we have here is an effort to try and intimidate Mark into silence. Aside from being stupid, it will, I can assure you, decidedly not work. There are few people I have met in life who have more integrity and are more seriously principled than Mark Levin.

To conclude? Buzz off, Sundance. And if you are, like me, a genuine supporter of Donald Trump? Then get back to the business of making the case for Donald Trump. That’s what will help nominate and elect Donald Trump and “Make America Great Again” — not this kind of trolling garbage designed to smear Mark Levin.

Kudos to Jeffrey Lord – one of the few supporters of Trump who still call out scumbag behavior. Some of it, anyway.

Unlike these degenerates. 

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