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BOOM! Emperor Trump BANS The Washington Post From All Campaign Events!! They Respond…

Emperor Trump has announced that the Washington Post has displeased the imperial totalitarian and will be heretofore banned from all campaign events.

He announced it on the imperial Facebook page:

And of course, the imperial Twitter account:

This is not the first time he’s done something like this, but it’s a ramping up of his war on the press. Notice also that it’s timed to make the evening news.

Here’s the reason he’s so upset at the Washington Post:

El Trumpo DID make weird quotes this morning on shows that led some to believe he was implying Obama had something to do with the Orlando shooting. For instance, he said this:

“He doesn’t get it or he gets it better than anybody understands. It’s one or the other,”

And then this:

“He’s not tough, he’s not smart, or… he’s got something else in mind… there’s something going on, it’s inconceivable, there’s something going on!”

He makes these kind of insinuations all the time so it’s not insane that the Post reported them as such.

Writer for the Washington Post, Philip Bump, responded with this humorous tweet:

For non-geeks, that’s the news outlet that Spiderman works for. I hope Trump doesn’t have a problem with Spiderman too.

I like that Trump is attacking the press, but it seems like he just attacks anyone who says anything he doesn’t like, instead of going after actual dishonesty. These are the acts of a tyrant, not those of a principled leader who respects the traditions of America, including a free press.