James Dobson Confirmed Trump As A Born Again Christian, BUT NOW Isn’t Sure At All…

After it was widely reported that James Dobson confirmed Trump as a converted Born Again Christian, now he’s not so sure. Here’s what a Yahoo reporter quotes him as saying about the subject:

Well that’s clear as mud. I would expect nothing less than Trump to be “converted” to Christianity by another scam artist charlatan.

Here’s how Erick Erickson responded:

Dobson now says he does not know for sure and, more importantly, he claims that the person who supposedly led Donald Trump to the Lord is noted prosperity gospel heretic Paula White.

White, you may recall, was under investigation by the IRS and was also accused of having an inappropriate relationship with fellow charlatan Benny Hinn.

This is just embarrassing. James Dobson, like so many before him, is seeing his credibility compromised by the Trump brand.

Now, it’s important to note that we’re not demanding Trump be Christian – we’re just pointing out that he seems to be very deceptive about what he actually believes. Like he does with every other subject, his answer is just “hyperbole” he employs to let everyone hear what they want to hear in order to get what he wants. And now it looks like Dobson is his latest scam victim. Sad!!