Trump Praises SADDAM HUSSEIN For Ignoring Due Process To Get Things Done!!

Instead of hitting Hillary today for lying to the American people about her email scandal, el Trumpo decided to remind everyone that he just loves despotic genocidal maniacs who ignore the rule of law to do whatever they want.

Watch below:

How is this not a huge flag for people who today, are angry that Hillary and the FBI are overturning the rule of law?! Trump is literally signaling here that he believes it’s a virtue for an executive to ignore the rule of law and kill people whom he designates as terrorists!! Meanwhile, Sarah Palin just called all Republicans who don’t support Trump “traitors.” I dunno. Seems kinda problematic to me.

Keep in mind, this is not the first time he’s praised Saddam Hussein, who had rape-rooms so that he could casually rape women whenever he wanted, he said before that he admired how Saddam went after “terrorists.” You know how he did it? Well, he designated anyone who disagreed with him as terrorists and then tortured them to death. He literally had doctors on hand just for the sake of cutting off limbs in torturous experiments on his political enemies.

AND don’t forget – much of ISIS was formed BY Saddam’s generals!!! So this moron is praising a guy who’s military generals are now ISIS, because he thinks that he would have gone after ISIS!! What?!

But his idiot followers are now on Twitter defending Saddam, because all of their historical knowledge comes from misspelled memes online.

Oh, and by the way, this isn’t the first time he’s done this – he defended Putin’s murdering of journalists, more than once, and thought Chinese Communists were awesome when they used violence to shut down protesters in Tiananmen Square.

None of this is alarming to anyone but me? Really?

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