AP Reporter CRUSHES State Dept’s Kirby on Obama’s abject failure in Syria

AP reporter Brad Klapper very carefully dismantles John Kirby of the State Department about the abject failures of Obama that led to the massacre in Aleppo, Syria.

It’s nice to see someone actually be forced to face their failures of this administration, even if it won’t alleviate any of the evil in Syria:

It is really shocking to me how bad John Kirby is at his job, and it’s difficult to figure out if he’s bad at defending bad excuses that are forced upon him by the State Dept, or if he makes up these bad excuses himself. In any case, it’s bewildering to see him actually try to deflect from Obama’s abject failures in Syria by redefining “failure” as Russia’s failure to defend human rights.

I mean, wow.

Here’s the thing, moron. Russia isn’t even remotely trying to defend anyone’s human rights. They don’t give a damn about anyone’s human rights. So they can’t be failing at something they’re not trying to do. They define victory as propping up their ally, Assad, in Syria, and they’re doing a fantastic job of that.

The State Department, and Obama, on the other hand, DO define success as defending human rights. And they’re failing, badly, at it. Ironically, Obama even intimated 5 years ago what that would look like when he said, “Assad must go.” Then he sat on his ass and did nothing about it while the rest of the world laughed at him, and by extension, America.

So, five years later, this idiot actually wants to redefine success for Russia because Obama has failed so miserably at what he set out to do. And now there’s a humanitarian crisis and a bloody massacre that can be squarely blamed on Obama’s ineptitude.

But I’m sure those being slaughtered in Aleppo will feel better when they hear Obama said that Russia is failing at being nice people.