Flashback! When Occupy Wall St. INSULTED John Lewis And Nobody Cared

The media has dubbed this the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend just for the sake of slapping down President-elect Donald Trump for attacking the guy after he declared his presidency “illegitimate.” They point out that John Lewis is a Civil Rights hero, and he is, and wields this fact in order to highlight the pettiness of Trump’s tweet attack.

But, I’d like to take a flashback to the recent past where all these media hand-wringers didn’t gave a damn about John Lewis when he was insulted by their favorite soap-hating liberal movement, “Occupy Wall St.”!

In 2011, John Lewis was invited to speak at “Occupy Atlanta” when they began fighting over whether he should be allowed to “address the assembly” in front of anyone else. And there’s video!!!

It’s long at ten minutes, but it’s pretty entertaining as a reminder of how infantile and stupid the “Occupy Wall Street” movement was:

At about the 1:30 minute mark, an unwashed occupier whines that they’re putting his value above others, and gets applause. “I’d like to take a temperature check…” the bath-eschewing ring-leader says. They debate about this for about 5 minutes before giving up. Lewis stomps away angrily. At 8:35, someone is shouted down for attempting to apologize to Lewis. At 9:29 some shower-rejecting idiot literally yells, “John Lewis is not better than anyone!! Democracy WON!!”

So where was all the whining when left-wing morons insulted John Lewis? I don’t remember much press on this except that from conservative blogs.

Look, I don’t offer this up as a defense of Trump’s equally infantile tantrum on Twitter. I’m just pointing out that the media often selectively expresses outrage depending on whether it benefits a leftist political agenda.

Also don’t ignore the primer at the beginning of the video where the head filthy hippy explains why they do “up-twinkles” instead of applause, it’s amaaazing.

Finally, check out all my posts ripping into the moronic filthy “Occupy Wall St.” movement. I had a blast!!