Idiot Eric Bolling Wants Trump to IGNORE Court Ruling and Continue Travel Ban!

In a really amazing moment on Fox News, dimwit pendejo Eric Bolling stumbles into advocating for fascism in America when he breathlessly and stupidly tells Kellyanne Conway that Trump should just IGNORE the ruling from a federal court and continue the travel ban.

He vomits out the absurdity at the 1:30 minute mark here:

Unbelievably, Conway is actually extolling the virtues of the checks and balances of the amazing and wonderful system granted to us by the founders, when the blathering idiot Bolling advocates for Trump to basically excrete on that very system. Just imagine if Obama ignored the judiciary during his term, all the Trumper idiots like Eric Bolling would be screaming “fascism” but now he’s just salivating at the thought of his authoritarian daddy Trump to do it to him fast and hard.