Were Libs As Angry When Obama’s HUD Secretary Compared Slaves To Immigrants? NOPE!

People are absolutely freaking out because Trump’s new HUD Secretary Ben Carson called slaves a kind of immigrant recently.

And I’m not joking, they’re going insane over it:

BUT as it turns out, former President Barack Obama had a HUD Secretary too!! And not only was that moron not a brain surgeon, but he literally said the exact same thing that Ben Carson said!!

Where was the liberal freak out back then?

And he said it on MSNBC, and the moron host Alex Wagner didn’t even flinch when he did it!!!


Here’s what he said:

San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro hinted during a MSNBC interview that the status of illegal residents unable to secure citizenship in the U.S. is comparable to slavery.

“It would be unprecedented in American history for us to create a permanent class of folks who are not citizens, outside of slavery,” the Democratic politician said Thursday on “NOW with Alex Wagner.”

“We certainly learned our lesson from that,” he added.

Castro appeared on the cable news show with his twin brother Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) via satellite from Capitol Hill. The brothers said Democrats are pushing for immigration reform that would extend legal residence or citizenship to the estimated 11 million illegal residents living in the U.S.

Now, he wasn’t HUD Secretary at the time. But if the comments are so horrific, if they’re so terrible, if they show how evil Ben Carson is, then WHY did Obama later make douchebag Julian Castro HIS HUD Secretary later?

Why? Because liberals are hypocrites, that’s why.

Oh and just to get some icing on this crap-cake, Obama said it too:

So HUD Secretary Ben Carson is a moron for saying the same thing that Barack Obama and his own HUD Secretary said. Isn’t that convenient.

Now look, this isn’t a defense of Ben Carson – I have no idea if he’s going to be a good HUD guy or not. But it shows the absurd hypocrisy of the media and liberals.