A Plea And Request For Everyone From A Concerned American

So you probably know I’m deeply critical of President Trump from my self-proclaimed position as a conservative of the “classical liberal” mold. This causes many to accuse me of being a secret Democrat liberal RINO on the payroll of George Soros. Most of that is completely untrue.

But people, it’s getting insane out there.

Is there anything that we all agree on? Can we start there, after everything else has collapsed around us and the mental landscape of our political life is a smoldering ruins?

How about this. We may disagree about whether Trump is doing a good job, about whether every element of his agenda is good for America. But we do agree on some things.

We all want one thing – we want America to be better, stronger, with more prosperity and happiness for everyone.

At least, the vast majority of us want that. Despite accusing each other that we don’t.

So how about we all just do a little less screaming about how to get there, and pray that we get there?

Screaming isn’t really working anyway.

Can we pray that God will lead this amazing beautiful country to greener pastures?

Let’s try it.

And then – instead of demanding everyone else live according to how we want them to live, how about we try harder to live the values and principles we individually believe in.

Let’s try that.

Pray, and act. And scream a little less. Por favor.