‘There Isn’t ANY Disorder!’ – Gorka Called White House a ‘Well Oiled Machine’ 6 Months Ago

I stumbled upon a very interesting and funny interview with a BBC journalist of Sebastian Gorka from six months ago. It’s really worth watching after Gorka “resigned” and said that Trump’s agenda was DEAD at the White House.

Just six months ago, he literally said there was NO disorder in the White House, and called it a “well oiled machine.”

Six months later, he called the administration so broken, so opposed to Trump’s agenda, that he supposedly resigned [he was most likely fired].

Watch the hilarity below:

I mean, c’mon. That is *awesome* in it’s irony, especially when Gorka is smugly accusing the BBC journalist of being “fake news” about the disorder at the White House.

Also, none of this matters, because his base is so religiously brainwashed and indoctrinated, that no number of obvious contradictions like this will separate them from their cultish worship of the toupee’d orange-faced cult leader.

Still, it’s entertaining.