Google labels my viral video ‘dangerous or derogatory’ to stop paying out ads

Well this is nuts. The “So God Made A Liberal” video that I created with my good friend Matt Dawson way back in 2013 has been labeled “dangerous or derogatory” content by Google so that they can stop paying me the meager ad revenue I was getting. Here’s a cut and pasted image of their notice:

Now this is the same video from which I have gotten YouTube ad revenue for YEARS. It racked up more than 2.6 MILLION views, and it was actually featured on “The Five” on Fox News!! How could this possibly all of a sudden BECOME “dangerous or derogatory”?!?

It’s so completely absurd.

Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it, though I won’t get any revenue for more views on it. Enjoy anyway!!

On the other hand, you can share THIS post if you wanna help me out.

This comes just weeks after Zazzle shut down my account and stole the money I had earned on their website too. Thankfully, this is all stuff I do for fun on the side, but it’s still petty and pathetic for these companies to sideline voices like mine. And let’s call it racist too, just for fun!