Lyft raises a middle finger to gov’t regulation, will leave California over gig economy killer AB5 [Updated]

It’s happening people. Lyft is leaving California after the idiotic Democrats passed a law that would force them to treat their drivers as if they were 9-5 employees with all the benefits.

Now THAT is an honest assessment of what happened.


That it BS. The judge made that decision based on crap legislation that the dumbass Democrat politicians that passed AB5, including their pendeja queen state senator Lorena Sanchez. I’ve been writing about this for a while because the law is so stupid and because it ended up screwing over tons of independent contractors in California. And if you think this is just a California problem, you’re wrong. Democrats are planning to institute this all over America if Joe Biden wins.

SO now the big question is whether Uber will follow suit. I really hope they do. If this is the kind of crap Democrats want to pull then I want to see Californians rise up against the chaos they are instituting. And if they are able to defeat it in California it’ll be much tougher to impose everywhere else…

UPDATE: A judge ordered that Uber and Lyft will have more time to figure out what they want to do about AB5, so they can both stay operating for the time being.

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