Breaking! Deadly knife TERROR attack on worshippers at Catholic church in Nice, France [Updated]

Early reports from Nice, France, say there has been a lethal terror attack at a church.

This video shows some of the panic right after the attack:


An early report of the beheading:


A photo from the scene of the crime:

The Muslims have been boycotting the French after Macron refused to denounce an insult to Muhammed. This might be related to that. It was after a teacher was beheaded by a Muslim for citing cartoons of Muhammed in his classroom. Instead of denouncing the terrorist, Muslims are angry at the cartoons. There have been a lot of angry rhetoric pointed at Macron and at the French.

UPDATE: There are reports saying there were two fatalities, one woman beheaded. Here’s a photo of the Notre Dame church in Nice:

More video from down the street from the church:


Pretty horrible.

UPDATE 2: Now seeing some reports that three people have died, and others were injured. Also that the woman who was beheaded was an elderly woman. These are still early reports and can be inaccurate:



Reuters is now confirming many of the details being reported on social media:

A woman was beheaded by an attacker with a knife who also killed two other people at a church in the French city of Nice on Thursday, police said, in an incident the city’s mayor described as terrorism.

Mayor Christian Estrosi said on Twitter the knife attack had happened in or near the city’s Notre Dame church and that police had detained the attacker.

Police said three people were confirmed to have died in the attack and several were injured.

A police source said a woman was decapitated. French politician Marine Le Pen also spoke of a decapitation having occurred in the attack.

They also made the connection to the murder of the history teacher I mentioned above.


One report says the terrorist yelled “Allahu Akbar.”


There’s a photo from inside the church.


Much more information available a day later.


I’ll update as more details are released.