Breaking! SCOTUS cracks the Texan KRAKEN!

The Kraken was unleashed and the SCOTUS just killed it.

The attempt from Texas to try to decertify results from four other states has been denied by the Supreme Court.

A lot of people were putting their hopes in this lawsuit from Texas, but the SCOTUS said that one state doesn’t have standing to sue over how other states run their elections.

Including legal expert Kevin Sorbo:

Well that didn’t work out.

And all of Trump’s appointees went with the majority.

UPDATE: I’m not sure Jenna Ellis knows which branch Trump is in control of, and also, what the three branches of government are:


And Allen West, who fought in the military to defend the Constitution, is now calling for a secession from the Union:

Well. That’s something.


Four Carat Generals Diamond and Silk are calling for the military to intervene:

Not sure where they are in the diamond-chain of command.


Here’s the moment it was announced on Fox News:

It seems like it’s over.