VA school district covered up bathroom child rape in order to push trans policy and the media is ignoring it

This is simply astounding. Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to pay attention to the horrendous evil that is happening in Loudoun County in Virginia.

Watch this:

So there’s a lot of details here and it gets convoluted really easily. Basically, a school district told parents that there was NO bathroom sexual assault at one of their schools, when there was, and then when the parents of the victims objected, they were smeared in the media.

And it gets worse.

It really looks like the National School Board Association used this horrible case in order to press for protections from the Department of Justice, when they SHOULD have been trying to get justice for the parents and his daughter.

Now it must be noted that the assault is still alleged, since the suspect has not been convicted yet.

But what is unconscionable is that the school district allowed the dad to be smeared in the media for months.

This is an astounding evil and the mainstream media, by ignoring it, is basically helping cover it up. We can only guess why that is — an ideological sympathy for the LGBTQ movement and a hostility for parents demanding accountability from their schools.

When the Loudoun County Public Schools finally commented on the case, they said that the district members didn’t know about the assault when they told parents that there wasn’t one:

How is that possible? And why aren’t they apologizing to the dad they allowed to be smeared in public for months? It’s just incredible.

If you want to help Scott fight his case, there is a GoFundMe here:

I have been resistant to a lot of the nutty outrage that has come out of “our side” these days, because a lot of it is exaggerated and just not justified. In this case, there is simply not enough outrage out there, especially by anyone who claims to have a conscience on the left.