Sooperpodcast #472!!! Tangentially taking last minute trips and scaring yourself!!

Hi! How are you? I’m good, how are you? We’re back after a mextended hiatus and we have tons of excuses. This week el Sooper talks about his surprise trip to Buffalo and Jess talks about scaring herself for Halloween! What a weirdo. We have a Halloween decoration update and we tear up the argument surrounding Elon Musk buying up Twitter and forcing the bluechecks to pay him money! ALSO how he universe escrewed el sooper and how always has to say ackshooally on the slave statistics! That’s sad! ALSo we talk about fentanyl candy and marijuana candy and people failing to make jokes in the papillondemonuium! WOW it’s jam packed this week!! Hope you enjoy it, go listen now!!

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And me at the Bills game, amazing seats bro:


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