SooperPodcast #476! Classified Urethral Bone Jaw Snorts!

THIS WEEK on the second podcast of the 2023rd year since the year of our Lord, we have a Jessica and we talk about all sorts of stuff like the classified document scandal and God making us all hypocrites, also the lure of the Waffle House!! THEN we talk some snort scale and Netflix recommendations and the bone apple tea!! Then the plot thinnens someone smells my toots on the mastadon!! ALso some popcorn buttering protestant work ethic, the big regional hamburger debate, how Seinfeld ruined all sitcoms, and the purpose of makeup!! Wow!! You have to go listen while I go dry clean my mask and cape!!!

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You can read all the screenshots of my battle of wits with the unarmed celebrity Alec Baldwin HERE and also HERE!! And also HERE!!

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