SooperPodcast #480! The historical indication of Donald Trump

IN THIS EDITION of the SooperPodcast we discuss the indication of Trump, as he understands it, with the one and only Yass-Kween, Jessica Heddings!! Will it be better for him or worse? More importantly will be better for us or the world?! ALSO we talk about the BING-BOT and the Bing-Matt, there’s a phantom feminine sneeze, and the threat of violence. And also some Huckabeez honor code versus law and order! Are you a clippy? Then we sell some more of Stirewalt’s books. Finally a self-own update!! You have to go listen now!!

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Here’s Matt’s amazing painting that I’m totally not jealous of at all, now available as an NFT!!!

Here’s a photo from Wondercon:


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