In 503 Days Between Trayvon Dying and the Zimmerman Trial Verdict, 10,865 Blacks Have Been Murdered by OTHER BLACKS

I wrote this back in April of last year:

To be exact, the shameful truth is that 93% of African-American murders are committed by other African-Americans. That is breathtakingly awful when you consider how incensed the African-American community is about the Trayvon tragedy, no matter what you believe about Zimmerman’s guilt.

Let’s do the gruesome math, not out of morbidity, but because it manifests the incredible self-centered insanity of people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

8,000-9,000 African-Americans are murdered each year.

93% of them by other African-Americans.

That’s 7,905 (from average)

That’s 21.65 murdered each day by other African-Americans.

And these racebaiting culture-hustling microphone-pimps only get riled up when a “White Hispanic” kills an African-American? It’s absolutely shameful.

To update, in the 503 days between Trayvon dying, and today’s verdict, 10,865 African Americans have been murdered by other African-Americans.

I was so shocked, I had to double check my numbers.

[Correction: An earlier version of this post incorrectly reported the number of days between the altercation and the verdict as 513 days instead of the correct number of 503 days. We deeply regret this error and thank Amy Sherman from the Miami Herald/Politifact for straightening us out.]


Politifact’s hit piece is here. My response is here. 

  • Davis Emille

    What is not said openly is however done openly and apparently with the approval of the judicial system. Unless of course you shield yourself off from that part of American History and everyday occurrences

  • Davis Emille

    Take the year if it pleases you!!!!

  • lillymckim

    “racebaiting culture-hustling microphone-pimps”

    Sum$ them up perfectly right on the “MONEY”

  • J

    best at everything on this earth, like being the best at not creating massive works of architecture, or any infrastructure, or coherent governing bodies, on vast amounts of wealth for your people, or decent standards of living. Yes, black people tend to be the best at sports in America because black people were bred to be athletic while they were enslaved. There are smart black people out there, but to claim you guys are the best at everything is absolutely pathetic. What has african culture produced that is so great?

  • cadgbd

    At ~ 21.5 per day, it would take 190,383, 052 days

  • Jimmy Z

    Reading the crap from Politifact, etc. Let’s say the numbers are as low as can be – use the lowest number from the statistics available – so that’s ACCEPTABLE therefore?? That’s the problem with numbers – in contradicting and ‘correcting’ your numbers, they seem to be saying that “no, it’s not as bad as all that. It’s not 10,865 black murders in 503 days. It’s more like 9,000.” So I guess black Americans can rest easy, and continue to focus on whitey.

  • Gerald are you the author of this blog? I am reading your Politifact rebuttal. Well written. Thank you for the reply!

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  • Bill

    Everyone assumes that an African-American is black. There are many Caucasians among other races that have lived in Africa for centuries, especially South Africa. If one of those families moved to the U.S.A. and had children they in fact would be African-American. Would they not? Native American is a term reserved for “Indians” that lived in North America prior to Europeans settling in this country. Actually, if you were born in the U.S.A., then you are a Native American according to the definition of native. I am American without a hyphen. Hyphen Americans were invented by race baiters. We will never live together as a Nation unless we stop being separate and become American.

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  • Cyndeewi

    You are such a liar! Thank God polifacts said you were lying. White on white is worst!

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  • e.g.g.