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More ‘War On Women’ Deleted Tweets – Democrat Congressional Candidate Asks Followers to Assail Conservative Woman With ‘C-Word’!

I already showed how Clay Aiken deleted a tweet advocating violence against Ann Coulter, and how Buzzfeed accidentally neglected to mention it in their post about his deleted tweets. Here’s two more that are less well documented, but might also get him into trouble:


Link to the American Idol forum where the comment appeared.


Link to the American Idol forum where this comment appeared.

But those are so recent! Maybe someone paid them off to write such slanders! Oh wait, here’s one from 2012 when he actually posted the tweet:


Here’s the link to that forum post, from fans of Clay Aiken, with the motto, “where fans of Clay come to play!”

Oh and here’s another one. And here’s another one.

Update: Here’s a reconstruction of the tweet for you image-minded people:


Again, funny how Buzzfeed managed to ignore this very offensive deleted tweet as well as the one where he advocated violence against a conservative woman. SO weird, right?!

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  1. Denouncement of Mr. Aiken from the Democrats in ….

    Crap, irrational numbers don’t count.

  2. So what? At least he isn’t calling the President a Muslim monkey or something. His opinions are mild. You expected a milque toast maybe? How wrong you are.

  3. A homo calling a woman a “c” word… quaint. Pot meet kettle.

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  5. I’ve heard several liberals today proudly claim that they knew the War on Women was all nonsense from the beginning. I guess they don’t like it when their own silly meme is used against them.

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  7. What a scumbag!

  8. What congressional candidate that called the president a ‘Muslim Monkey”?

    And please, show me just one GOP candidate who’s posted rhetoric even half as vile as the attacks Mike Dickinson or even Alan Grayson have spewed in the public forum.

  9. Wow, you trolled through a Clay Aiken message board and didn’t rip your eyes out? Good for you.

  10. The war on women isn’t nonsense. It’s perpetrated by liberals…just as they used women and girls in the vietnam war years to have sex with guys that wouldn’t go to war – the “Girls say yes to boys who say no” campaign.

    We won’t even get into the abortion issue…

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  14. Maybe Clay needs to be “throat punched”… What a real class act he is… I am sure he will be elected…

  15. He’s a wuss so he will make excellent dim congressional material.

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  18. Yeah, Ann Coulter sure is.

  19. So why is it OK for Man Coulter to do it?

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  21. She defecates better people than you Ezra.

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  24. Why would you punch a homosexual in the vagina? Talk about a war on women!

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  28. Aw, c’mon. Peachy is just havin’ fun while his mom is at work.

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