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War On Women!! Guess Which Democrat Candidate Deleted a Tweet Saying He Wanted to Punch the Face of a Conservative Woman!!

MEXCLUSIVE!! It’s so funny how liberals look the other way when a Democrat is caught advocating violence on women that I thought I’d give them another chance to show their hypocrisy by uncovering a deleted tweet from their favorite congressional candidate in North Carolina – Clay Aiken!


This is a reconstructed tweet – not a screenshot of the original, which he deleted. But there are many tweets from back when he originally posted it, including one from his pal, Arsenio Hall:

Here are some others:

Here’s a funny thing – when Aiken won the candidacy, Buzzfeed ran a post of all his embarrassing politically incorrect tweets that he deleted. Except they didn’t include the one advocating violence against a woman that disagrees with him politically! How convenient!

Ah well, it’s not like Buzzfeed has ever shown a political bias to the left… I’m sure it was an accident.

Now let’s all watch the crazed foaming-at-the-mouth feminists go after Clay Aiken and demand an apology!! Or probably not.

UPDATE!! Here’s Clay Aiken’s deleted tweet calling for his followers to yell the “c-word” at Ann Coulter too! Classy!

UPDATE!!! Also he said that he wants to punch Representatives in Congress in the throat! How oddly specific!

UPDATE!!!! And he’s got a really creepy first tweet.

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  1. Dems in NC must be desperate to have an American Idol runner-up as a candidate.

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  3. What passes for political discourse these days belongs in a septic tank.

  4. Tough talk from little bitch boy. Go back to sucking your boyfriend’s little wee wee.

  5. Sooooooo a punch form Clay = a bitch slap?? BTW, I’d take Coulter in that fight all day long.

  6. Hey, twinkie – we want to punch YOU in the face.

  7. Clay, don’t you mean “slap”? Like the little girl you are?

  8. This would be even more devastating to his campaign if he were actually a man.
    I’m sure he did not mean to say punch in the face, what he really meant is that he wanted to scratch her eyes out.

  9. Violence against women? Hardly. Ann Coulter isn’t all women. I’d rip her heart out, personally, if she had one. You go Clay! If it pisses off the GOP, I say go for it! .

  10. Ah yes, liberal tolerance on display. I’d like to see Little Clay, or you Beasley, debate Ann.

  11. I’d pay good money to see one of you say that to Clay Aiken’s face. You all think calling him little bitch boy at 6’2″ and 180 pounds or a pussy is any better?

  12. No, but there’s some Claymates I’d like to see punched in the face! I keed, I keed! (no I don’t)

  13. Very astute perception. I agree! Even more, what passes for a politician these days is pathetic.

  14. Punch Ann Coulter in the face? Clay honey..wouldn’t that ruin your manicure? Go put your gimp suit back on, prissy boy…you’re due for a good whoopin’.

  15. Any man who advocates violence against women is a gutless hump and yes, I’d gladly tell that to Clay’s face. Instead of Clay advocating violence against Ann, why doesn’t he challenge her to a debate on any topic(s) of his choice?

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  19. Sir,
    The correct term is honking bobos.

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  22. Wow, what a vile little homosexual!

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  24. Given his propensity toward violence, this increases the
    likelihood that Clay Aiken killed his opponent.

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  27. But to LIBBY-libers ALL (R)’s are the Koch Bros. No matter what their outward appearance might be, they’re all old rich angry white males on the inside.

  28. Aiken is kidding himself, totally deluded, completely unprepared for anything except shopping on Rodeo Drive. Oops, he must be running out of money long about now. It’s what happens to has beens, who never were.

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  34. It was a joke, moron. From 2 years ago.

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  36. It doesn’t matter how long ago Little Clay’s tweet occurred. He’s STILL a gutless hump. And it wasn’t a joke. Oh and your post is incredibly stupid.

  37. Just hate having to live up to your own standards huh?

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