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‘F$#k You B@#%$’; NBC Anchor Slammed By Rabid Obama Supporters for Hinting at Opportunistic Photo Op With POW Dad

NBC correspondent and anchorette Andrea Mitchell was attacked as harshly as possible by leftists angry that she would dare insinuate Obama is happy to mask the controversy over his terrorist trade by appearing with Bowe Bergdahl’s parents. Here is her rather innocuous tweet:

Mitchell is hardly a source of right-wing bias, in fact she’s been caught (by yours truly) deceptively editing video to smear Mitt Romney during the 2012 campaign. Even so, these are the attacks that Obama supporters bombarded her account with on Twitter:

Whoah there liberals! Aren’t they sensitive!? Apparently Andrea Obama-lovin’ Mitchell all of a sudden becomes an evil right-wing extremist racist who hates Obama because he’s black! Isn’t it fun to watch liberals turn on each other like a pack of rabid hyenas?  It is fun.

 Father of American Soldier Freed From Taliban Deletes a Very Disturbing Tweet

  • The Left is cannibalizing themselves more frequently now that their president seems to be indulging in larger blunders.

  • TheAmishDude

    I’m sure this fits into the 5 stages of grief, I’m not sure how.

  • queenOFhearts

    Waiting for the other shoe to drop…where are the, “she’s a raciss bi#*%h tweets….??? No sympathy for Andy M…she made her bed…

  • Ron

    Look at these nothings trying to get every sexist insult out there they can. They, the left, are crumbling from within and lack the depth of thought to understand why their ideology is falling apart.

  • MoIIy_Pitcher


  • palintologist

    “Wtf??? A lot of people at @msnbc are starting to sound like they work for Fox.”
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  • BigGator5

    Denial. The first stage.

  • Kauf Buch

    Andrea is merely another desperate Leftist “journalist” who is trying to save her skin in the upcoming tidalwave rejection of All-Things-Leftist…including the media. Like rats jumping a sinking ship…they’re *still* rats.

  • Kimihiro Watanuki

    Blue on blue is always fun.

  • Allan L

    She’s right however, no matter what some mindless people say. Obama is ALWAYS looking to make himself look good while breaking the law.

  • Modres

    Man, those folks are RABID!

  • Gle3nn

    Wow. I am shocked.. Shocked!, that the leftie rabble is so mindlessly vile.
    My hope is that she might learn something from this experience. Not gonna happen but it would be nice.

  • Randall Watkins

    Thank God I was born with a brain, otherwise I’d be one of these moronic Liberals…….SMH

  • Debra Mcdaniel

    Just wondering how it feels to be hated so much never thought it would happen with your liberals turning on you.Sad but oh well it happens to the best of us eyes rolling and a double face slap!!!

  • pcolabucfan

    Obama follower = Illiterate

  • MoIIy_Pitcher

    I was practicing my zOmbiespeak!….Did I not just order a beer? 😉

  • pcolabucfan