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‘How Many Other Prisoners Have Lasted 5 Years?’ Soldier Who Served With Bowe Bergdahl Concludes His Story and Allegations


This concludes the earlier post from an alleged compatriot of Bowe Bergdahl, the only prisoner of war captured in Afghanistan, now released through a deal with the Taliban. “Cody” claims to have served with Bowe when he deserted, which sours the official story, and puts into doubt the wisdom of the trade which freed five dangerous terrorists:

Cody seems to be implying that Bergdahl might have been supplying information to the enemy to aid their attacks on Americans.

“Risking their own to save another, have no greater love.”

Again, another implication that he could not have survived without collaboration with the enemy.

Couple this with the troubling tweets from Bowe’s father, and one really has to wonder just what the real story is behind this precedent-setting agreement.

Iraq War Vet Has The Perfect Solution for The Disgraceful Veteran’s Affairs Scandal


  • Eric H.

    Wow. Just…wow. So how badly is this going to blow up in Obama’s face when it comes out that the “American Hero” he traded five high value prisoners for was just a nutburger?

  • koam

    #Bergdahl’s father was just quoted as saying that Bowe is having trouble speaking and understanding English after 5 years. WTF?

  • Desertmole

    Unfortunately it will never come out. The MSM will hide or ignore it like all the other Obama scandals.

  • WordSmith

    Or an agent of some sort.

  • Therese

    We traded 5 dangerous terrorists for a traitor or a mentally ill soldier. This will bite us in the butt.

  • And if you were going to get a guy out, why would you wait 5 years to do it unless the VA shit was hitting the fan and you needed a photo-op distraction like obama does right now.

  • Corsair

    So 5 of the most dangerous sub-humans are released and 1 very suspect “soldier” comes back “home”. If I were in a position of supreme authority and wanted to cause the maximum damage to troops, that would be a great way to get the mayhem started.

  • Bigfoot Steve

    Not badly at all. Have you missed the last 6 years of his presidency? He’s the teflon president. Which media outlet is going to hold him accountable for it? None. Fox news won’t even touch it most likely.

  • Lou Hodges

    I think this is going to backfire on the Bergdahls. I honestly think that God has plans. Have a little faith.

  • Lou Hodges

    He’s not a hero with the alternative press. We have our own network, Soopermexican has gone viral.

  • The propagandists will not allow this information to come to the forefront.

  • Melting Granite

    “The next tweets will all be opinion and assumptions.”
    So he starts out by stating that there will be no actual, verifiable facts. Got it.

    “On the legality side watching what I say due to slander/deformation”

    You can’t be found guilty of liable or slander if you tell the truth….

  • Melting Granite

    LOL “I honestly think that God has plans. Have a little faith.”

    If God had plans, he wouldn’t have allowed 9/11 to take place under George W. Bush’s leadership, because we are continuing to pay dearly for that sequence of disasters; and yes, that includes OBama continuing many of the despicable policies begun under the fascist Bush regime.

  • Melting Granite

    “Prisoner exchanges take place at the ground level all the time in Afghani­stan, and Gen. David Petraeus, now the head of the CIA, has pointed out in discussions about Bowe that U.S. forces made distasteful swaps in Iraq – including one involving Qais Khazali, a Shiite extremist who orchestrated the kidnapping and execution of four U.S. soldiers in Karbala in 2007. ”

    Hmmm….. who was president way back in 2007? Must have been some terrorist-loving democrat, because no way a Repub —— what’s that? BUSH was president in 2007??? And he allowed a prisoner swap of a terrorist that plotted the kidnapping and execution of 4 U.S. soldiers??? My God, what else do I *think* I know, but actually have no clue about!??! I’m starting to realize how much of an idiot I must be to support the right wing and oppose everything Obama does, because it makes me look very stupid!

  • Melting Granite

    My God, did the media hold Bush accountable for his verifiable crimes?

    No, not in the slightest.

  • The Vet

    God had nothing to do with the execution of 9/11. That be the devils work. God knows all and sees all. It has strengthened our faith and resolve unlike any other event in our history. He doesn’t prevent what we humans do. He helps us who believe in him deal with what happens. I have faith, if you believed in him you would too. If you don’t may God have mercy on your soul because the day of reckoning is coming.

    And please stop blaming Bush…. This is getting so lame. Bush could have blamed Clinton for 9/11 but he didn’t because that’s not presidential, that’s not a leader. We went to war as Clinton played footsie too many times with Saddam Hussein and we got our ass spanked for it.

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  • Asillem4

    Once again, O puts a target on the backs of Americans. Sad about the entire ordeal – B needs to be questioned in court once he’s ‘healthy enough’ *cough*

  • Alborn

    Where have you been Petraeus is not head of the CIA. He is no longer an employee of the federal government. So we know what you have to say is meaningless.

  • badbadlibs

    You got the idiot and stupid parts of your post right, the rest is lame.
    You’re omitting the caveat of this guy willingly leaving his post and his anti American tirades.
    But, don’t let the facts on the ground stir you to doing the right thing…that’s impossible for you leftists drones.

  • badbadlibs

    You’re insane. There are no “verifiable” crimes, put down the kool-aide, it has poisoned what brain matter you had.

  • badbadlibs

    Got a good lawyer? You’re accusing him of lying. Hypocrite.

  • Sara B

    I find it interesting that reporter Michael Hastings (Rolling Stones) was killed in a very strange accident right about the time he was working on the Bergdahl story. Couple that with the crazy dad and a regime that clearly doesn’t have the best interests in mind of the country they represent. To suppose this whole thing happened to empty Club Gitmo isn’t beyond the realm of possibilities.

  • Buddy Hinton’s Loose Tooth

    Good lord you are fucking stupid.

  • John Taylor

    You may feel free to shift yourself over to the liberal side anytime you so desire. I guess it is still a free country, although I have my doubts. The man in the position of power in this country does not have this country’s best interest in his mind. His agenda is one with the enemy, he is without a doubt a Muslim, he was raised as a Muslim. The Leopard does not change his spots. This president has done more to damage this country than any/all presidents in the past. I will not live long enough to see the country recover from this administration.
    US Navy Veteran
    VP50, Patron 50, 1963 / 1965