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Someone Does a Nice Thing For a Liberal CNN Contributor, So Of Course She Calls Him Racist

You can always count on liberal degenerate Sally Kohn to say something especially stupid when most liberals are just phoning it in, but today she went out of her way to show how despicable that side of the aisle really is.


So she only got in because she’s white? How does she not know the guy was just being nice, and would have done that for a black any other kind of woman? She just knows, that’s how.

This really shows why liberals are so unhappy and bitter all the time. Happiness doesn’t depend on material wealth, but it does depend on gratitude. Instead of being grateful for the blessings in their lives, liberalism makes them feel guilty while making others jealous and envious of what others have. Here’s a bit of ages old wisdom – if you want to be happy, be grateful for whatever God gives you, and don’t be envious of what others have.

In other words, stop being liberal.

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  • BigGator5

    How do these people live being so hateful all the time?

  • Darla

    People who read @sallykohn tweets come away dumber for having read them. I award her no points and may God have mercy on her soul.

  • Sylvester Miniea

    I bet she still took that free ride though. Even though she’s got all that #whiteprivilege

  • tsol

    They project their self-hatred and Daddy-hatred onto others, especially those who like like themselves. It’s really a manifestation of narcissism.

  • tsol

    By thee way, why isn’t she invoking #jewishprivilege?

  • Michael Onoo

    Gave free ride, can smell trouble from lib dykes at 100 paces

  • ctmom

    What a miserable, unhappy person she must be.

  • munchnstuf

    I don’t understand. Why not also claim it was because of #maleprivilege? Very odd.

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  • Actually, the the officer was trying to get into your pants. #vajayjayprivilege

  • martin caidin

    he sure as hell didn’t give her a freebie because she’s pretty

  • Political Smackdown

    Liberalism is a mental disorder

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Well, now he knows he’s free to rigidly enforce the rules.
    She’d still find something to complain about.

  • Bob Jones

    See You Next Tuesday

  • Jim Trent

    He must have thought she (he) was just one of the bros and doing another white guy a favor 🙂

  • Jim Trent

    Liberals can find a reason to scream racist about anything. If an earthquake were to happen and killed a couple more black people then white they would claim mother nature what racist.

  • Jim Trent

    Only if he was gay. Looks like a guy.

  • Mad Dog

    Don’t insult him, babe. You may alienate the only viewer your network has left.

  • Mad Dog

    If he hadn’t let her in, she would have blasted him for being homophobic.

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  • Johnny Monday

    You keep calling that CNN guy “she”. Is he a tranny or something?

  • WHMay

    Uh, Sally, it should be #WhiteMalePrivilege. FIFY