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Feminists Are In Full Mouth-Foaming Meltdown Over Rolling Stone Gang-Rape Retraction

Feminists are freaking out today after Rolling Stone magazine apologized for printing a story that had inspired protests and anger but now appears to be at least partly fabricated. When the story first came out feminists excoriated conservatives for daring to question the story that seemed incredible and inconsistent:

Now that the Rolling Stone has retracted the story, no apologies are forthcoming from bitter angry feminists who have to protect the rape narrative:

It really begs the question, what kind of dinner dates does Amanda Marcotte go on that she has to compare them to rape??! I don’t think I want to find out.

This is, in fact, the opposite of what happened in the UVA rape case.

Others are sad that the gang-rape seems fabricated – they’d feel better if a women were gang-raped for the sake of their precious rape narrative:

Again, no one is saying that is the standard for proving rape, but they seem to say that the mere allegation should never be questioned.

Gang-rapes happen all the time, and the friends of the victims tell them to not go to the authorities because they don’t want to be unpopular. Millions of times.

This is my favorite:

Protect the narrative despite lack of evidence at all costs!!!

Irin is on MSNBC a lot, talking about the patriarchy:

It’s almost like she doesn’t even know the story is false… it just can’t be!

See, investigating rape allegations is “blaming the victim,” which is why we should just accept every allegation as true and imprison all men.

Here’s another freak out:

What’s amazing here is that feminists defended Rolling Stone’s terrible journalism when it supported their rape narrative, but now they’re actually blaming them for the thing they previously defended! That’s how deeply ingrained their political articles of faith are – they can contradict themselves with the ease of a rabid cultist.

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  • The Bat

    What if the felled accuser were to turn around with an apology for lying to advance a celebrity quest? Would the feminists then blame her or would they champion her brave quest to expand the rape narrative at full expense of the accusable?

  • V the K

    Earlier this year, a 13 year old girl was gang-raped by illegal immigrants. Among the people who did not care were Sally Kohn, Amanda Marcotte, Jessica Valenti, and Rolling Stone magazine.

  • Jade Davis

    The femtards are all launching like rockets over this one . . . .

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  • Howard Gordan

    “Now that the Rolling Stone has retracted the story, no apologies are forthcoming from bitter angry feminists who have to protect the rape narrative:” Why would you expect any apologies? None has come to this date for the Duke Lacrosse rape fiasco where feminists vilified all white male athletes and caused racial and gender divides and upheaval in the community and called for castration of the “rapists”, I mean innocent men. Vandalism, graffiti and threats made to the frats on campus by students, faculty and feminists due only to an accusation are acceptable to feminism. Feminists will never see or admit that men and boys can suffer too. Feminists see men guilty of everything.

  • Jack Day

    Thought I read somewhere Amanda Marcotte was completely irrelevant any more?? Didn’t she fall under a bus or something?

  • teapartydoc

    America is being gang-raped by the left. No coverage.

  • Lana Voreskova

    It’s not just that they can’t accept the story to be false, these brave self-appointed warriors for womankind are actually disappointed that the story is false. They actually want it to be true.

  • You should tweet that to marcotte.

  • A guy can dream, right?

  • V the K

    I did. (-:

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  • mikaboo88

    I am bathing in Jessica Valenti’s tears.

  • jeffunde

    But if it said Republican/Conservative illegal immigrants, they would of been right on it1

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