Someone Does a Nice Thing For a Liberal CNN Contributor, So Of Course She Calls Him Racist

You can always count on liberal degenerate Sally Kohn to say something especially stupid when most liberals are just phoning it in, but today she went out of her way to show how despicable that side of the aisle really is.


So she only got in because she’s white? How does she not know the guy was just being nice, and would have done that for a black any other kind of woman? She just knows, that’s how.

This really shows why liberals are so unhappy and bitter all the time. Happiness doesn’t depend on material wealth, but it does depend on gratitude. Instead of being grateful for the blessings in their lives, liberalism makes them feel guilty while making others jealous and envious of what others have. Here’s a bit of ages old wisdom – if you want to be happy, be grateful for whatever God gives you, and don’t be envious of what others have.

In other words, stop being liberal.

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