Despicable: Marine Veteran’s American Flag Vandalized, Anti-White Graffiti Scrawled On It!

This really makes me angry. Some degenerate scum took a retired U.S. Marine’s flag from it’s pole and shoved it into the window of his car, after stomping on it and vandalizing it and his car.

Watch below:

Amazingly the cockroaches who did it wrote anti-white graffiti when Marvin Garcia is Hispanic. I hope they catch these maggots and imprison them as long as possible.

More from Fox News:

One morning last week, the vet woke up to find his car smashed with the flag pole and the flag desecrated with a marker.

“The message that I would like to say is America is still the greatest country in the world,” Hernandez Garcia said on “Fox and Friends Weekend.” “It’s not something that we are just brainwashed with. We are still the greatest country. We got problems. Everybody does.”

“The flag represents freedom. When you step on the flag, you really are stepping on those veterans that have really fought for you. And everybody else, including your own parents, grandparents and great-grandparents and so forth,” Hernandez Garcia said.

“So, if you are watching this, I would like to tell you, come and talk to me. Let’s talk about things. Let’s not destroy things. Our country needs dialogue more than violence.”

He said that social media has a major influence on people, so maybe someone saw the recent “stomp the flag challenge” and was inspired.

Tucker Carlson and Ainsley Earhardt revealed that America’s Mighty Warriors, a group that helps support military families, will be paying for the damages to Hernandez Garcia’s car and flagpole, plus paying for a weekend vacation for two. In addition to that, a flag will be flown over the U.S. Capitol in honor of his service.

Absolutely disgusting.

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